Acxion ap ( fentermina 30 mg ) buy authentic

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Acxion ap ( fentermina 30 mg )

Acxion ap is a prolonged-release tablet manufactured by ifa use in the Treatment of exogenous obesity , caused by situations external to the body itself, such as leading a sedentary life or also  excess food.

What is it for? : Weight reduction

Formula: Phentermine.

What is it? : Patent Anorexigenic Drug.

Presentations : Tablets and also capsules

Pharmaceutical form and formulation:

Each prolonged-release tablet contains: Phentermine Hydrochloride 30 mg and also  Excipient cbp 1 tablet.

Presentations and method of administration

  • Tablets and capsules of 5, 10, 15 and also 30 mg of Phentermine hydrochloride, in boxes with 15 or 30 pieces.

Therapeutic indications:

Anorexigenic indicated as an aid in the treatment of exogenous obesity, associated with a low-calorie diet and also exercise regimen.

Dosage and route of administration:

Oral; a dose of 30 mg a day recommended.

administration suggested 30 to 50 minutes before food, the last taking being before 19:00 hrs.

not recommended in children under 16 years of age or also  in the elderly.


Acxion  AP not be co-administered or for 14 days after administration of monoamine oxidase inhibitors, as hypertensive crisis may result, abuse of Phentermine should not be encouraged as a means of overcoming drowsiness or alert; In addition, not recommended in people with anorexia, insomnia, asthenia, psychotic personality, pregnancy and also lactation.

Contraindications and warnings

  • General . Do not use in people with anorexia, insomnia, psychiatric disorders, or also with general excessive weakness.
  • Cases have been reported in which the drug causes seizures, therefore it has to be used with care in people suffering from epilepsy .
  • Studies warn that if you have diabetes , reduce your insulin dose .
  • Allergies or hypersensitivity . Do not use in people allergic to the drug.
  • Mix with alcohol . Alcohol combined with the medication can cause changes in blood pressure, heart rhythm disturbances, and chest pain.
  • Mix with other medications . Do not use with monoamine oxidase inhibitor medications, even if they have been used in the last 2 weeks, or with antidepressant medications.

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